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My Vizio Tv Turns On But No Picture Or Sound Check This Post

My Vizio Tv Turns On But No Picture Or Sound Check This Post. Why do i have sound on my tv but no picture. Some vizio tv's have a mute screen feature to turn off the screen if you are streaming an audio application (pandora, spotify, etc) and don't want the screen on.

Fix Vizio Smartcast TV Black Screen, No Picture or Video from

Most of the time no sound problem is solved in minutes no matter you have samsung, sony, lg, vizio, or any other brand tv. When i tried to turn it back on, only the vizio logo changed from yellow to white, no picture. My vizio tv turns on but there is no picture and no sound.

Even When Your Tv Is Not Muted, You Just See The Picture But No Sound.

If your television is not producing sound, try the following steps: Have you made sure all cables connected to your vizio tv are securely attached to both the tv and the outlet? If you can see the picture but not hear the sound on your tv, you can fix the problem yourself if it is not due to hardware malfunctioning.

10 Ways To Fix A Tv That Has Picture But No Sound.

Make sure your television’s speakers are turned ‘on’. The screen will go off but the sound is still on. My vizio tv turns on but has no sound or picture.

This Problem Is Caused By Many Reasons.

By continuing to use this site you consent to the use of cookies on your device as described in our cookie policy unless you have disabled them. During a thunderstorm, my vizio sv470xvt1a turned off. May 19, 2017 by salthiel makhele.

What Causes A Tv To Have Sound But No Picture.

A cable box or a dvd player, then the possible reason why it is not displaying a picture is that. When i put a flashlight to the screen i can see the picture on the tv. For example, the software issue, or most likely a hardware failure causes a black screen.

It Is Not A Consistent Amount Of Time.

To fix this, follow the following steps: Solved why my tv has no image but i sound samsung television ifixit. In this article, we will tell you all the major causes of vizio tv’s black screen.

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